Sports psychology is an area of psychology that works on mental training with high-level and base level athletes.

Aspects such as managing nerves in competition, emotional management (anger or fear), concentration, confidence, motivation and teamwork among others.

Clubs, federations, athletes, referees, coaches, parents and more of athletes and managers. Work is done in base level sports so that athletes learn values and learn to control their day-to-day emotions. In addition, it can also help athletes and teams with mental training.


Business psychology is the area of psychology that deals with intervention to improve working life.

Aspects such as time management, work stress, confidence, concentration and productivity and teamwork among others.

Companies, workers, self-employed people and managers who want to optimize their working life.


The psychology of well-being deals with the development of capacities and personal growth with the aim of preventing and enhancing people’s well-being and health.

Aspects focused on preventing mental and physical health, stress management, self-confidence and enhancing healthy habits that allow the person to manage their emotions and social relationships in an appropriate way.

To anyone who wants to take care of and enhance their health and with it their well-being. Do you notice daily discomfort? Do you want to change something in your life? Do you feel empty?